A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

Our industry always talks about disruptors. People, ideas and entities that shake things up a bit and offer an often much-needed alternative to the status quo. Yesterday, the day before this issue went to the printer, ICD Publications’ Hospitality Group—which includes both the InspireDesign and Hotel Business brands—in partnership with NEXT Events, an emerging leader in design industry networking and matchmaking experiences, became just that. An industry disruptor.

This mutually beneficial strategic alliance—primarily aligned with InspireDesign—creates a comprehensive package of print, digital, social and face-to-face platforms that speaks to the industry’s desire for curated content and intimate events. And the members of the leadership team spearheading this endeavor are known and well-respected professionals in the hotel and design communities—not to mention, experienced. My whole career has been in design media, Publisher Allen Rolleri has spent his entire career in hotel industry media, and our partner, Michael Schneider, president/CEO of Next Events, is not only a proven hospitality design industry connector and business leader in the hospitality design industry, but was also the founder of the Boutique Design brand.

NEXT Events provides networking and trade experiences for the design industry, created to connect buyers with suppliers in engaging and interactive environments. The company’s inaugural event—All Aboard Design coming up in March—will offer a one-to-one matchmaking experience aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, traveling from Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Cozumel, Mexico. As a media partner, InspireDesign will not only provide editorial coverage and curate content, but will cultivate attendance at upcoming events.

Through this partnership, we’re striving to engage the design community through innovative concepts and meaningful connections. “Joining these two progressive and innovative brands will deliver a much-needed alternative approach to engaging the design community on an intimate and personal level, where relationships can thrive in this evolving business landscape,” said Rolleri.

This mutual collaboration will create an aligned powerhouse platform for the design community. The Hospitality Group and NEXT Events share a united vision: Inspiration, imagination, insight, experiential are all key to the design process, and are not only core values of our partnership, but are the foundation of what we’re bringing to the design industry.

Exciting times! Stay tuned…

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