We always receive so many announcements, news items and reports from the hotel industry and affiliated industries, as I’m sure you can imagine. And though Hotel Business delivers all the content you need and want to know across our many platforms—in print, online at hotelbusiness.com and via social media on LinkedIn, X and our newly rebooted Instagram (more on that later)—there’s simply more that comes in, and more that we discover and uncover, than we can ever push out. That’s why, when I learn something supplemental to our planned coverage that I feel is noteworthy to share with our audience, I’ll use my space here to share it. Consider it, sometimes, another page to report news, share results or stimulate awareness.

I just received a report, released by iSeatz, a provider of travel loyalty technology for major hotel, airline and financial service companies, that I thought you might be interested in. And that, I think, ties nicely with this issue’s focus on technology trends in the hospitality space. The fifth-annual “State of Loyalty: Hospitality Rewards Report” provides an overview of the diverse and dynamic landscape of hotels, casino-hotels and vacation club brands and reveals significant growth in hotel loyalty programs, with expanded earning and redemption opportunities, particularly in sustainability and nontraditional lodging.

The report states: In 2024, we’re witnessing a global focus on sustainability, spanning from technology to hospitality and tourism. Recent studies show sustainability as a top consideration for travelers, prompting hotel brands to invest considerable financial and strategic resources toward reducing their environmental impact and/or making it easier for guests to make sustainable choices. This year, 27% of the hotels and hospitality groups in the analysis offered loyalty-integrated sustainability initiatives, compared to just 14% in 2023. Most of the sustainability redemption options focused on allowing members to donate points to sustainability-related organizations or causes, while the relatively fewer earning options rewarded guests with points for eco-friendly activities during their stay, like declining housekeeping to save water.

The report also highlights a growing trend in cross-brand loyalty integration, with more than a third of hotels now allowing members to earn points at vacation rental properties either under their corporate banner or through strategic partners. Additionally, 27% of hotels permit members to redeem points for stays at vacation rentals or vacation clubs. These figures reflect hotel brands’ strategic move to increase direct bookings and deepen traveler engagement by providing more flexibility and choice for their members amid heightened competition in the hospitality industry.

Some other key findings from the report?
• 40% of consumers would book through their loyalty program if they received bonuses or incentives for booking sustainable options.
• Hotel brands without vacation rental divisions are forming strategic partnerships with other brands to make vacation rentals available to their loyalty members, potentially opening the door for lodging or gaming brands to expand their offerings.
• Lifestyle rewards, like dining and wellness, continue to spur on-property spending, with 83% of hotels allowing their members to redeem points at on-property F&B outlets.
• 75% of loyalty travel program members believe personalized offers help them save money. Advanced technologies, such as AI, will continue to enhance this by providing more detailed and targeted insights about guests.

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