Essential Amenities launches Joseph Abboud collection

DAYTON, OH—Essential Amenities, based here, has launched a hotel guestroom amenities collection in collaboration with Joseph Abboud, which, according to the menswear designer, “is a more energized collection with more personality updated from an earlier line we had with [the company].”

“The Joseph Abboud brand has a strong reputation and has recently been relaunched, re-establishing the brand as a sophisticated modern lifestyle collection,” said Michael Ware, president of Essential Amenities.

“Essential Amenities is the right partner because it understands quality products and the DNA of the Joseph Abboud brand,” said the designer, who relaunched his namesake brand in 2014 after Tailored Brands Inc., for which he serves as creative director, acquired JA Apparel Inc., its parent company, a year earlier.

The collection consists of facial and exfoliating bath soaps; an enriched shampoo; a fortifying conditioner; moisturizing body lotion; and a bath gel, noted Ware, who added that the line includes accessory items such as a shower cap; razor and vanity kits; loofah and shoe mitts; and a pre-threaded sewing kit in a plastic case.

The Joseph Abboud hotel guestroom amenities collection

Ware said of the packaging, “The liquids are packaged in 1.1-oz. translucent amber bottles and the soaps are wrapped in a clear pleated wrap with decorative seals. All of the products are manufactured and packaged with the environment in mind.”

According to Essential Amenities, which produces hotel bath amenities lines in partnership with other fashion brands such as Herm` s, Ecru and Lanvin, among others, the soaps are made with natural vegetable oil and certified exfoliant, and the liquids are paraben-free and contain no sulfates or phthalates. All of the items are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Naturally, the ethos of the Joseph Abboud brand inspired the amenities collection. “[We wanted] to develop high-quality and modern products to support the Joseph Abboud brand, which represents a modern American lifestyle with a sophisticated sense of color and texture,” explained Ware, describing it as, “Updated yet classic, bringing new definition to things familiar.”

Fragrance is a major selling point for an amenities line because if it doesn’t smell good, the guest won’t want to use it. Ware said that the scent is “an invigorating black pepper and amber, embodying a rich and warm blend. It is made up of a combination of coriander, cinnamon, bergamot, ginger, oakmoss and patchouli. Numerous fragrances were tested before this was chosen to ensure it exceeded the expectations of the most discriminating guests.”

Abboud added, “The fragrance is fresh, with a modern sensibility, not overpowering. It’s more personal.”

The amenities collection is targeted to boutique and lifestyle hotels “that pay attention to the smallest detail,” noted Abboud, as well as bed & breakfasts throughout the hospitality industry. It is also available on the Essential Amenities website at

More Joseph Abboud bath products for the hospitality industry are in the works. “Next up will be gallon-size liquids along with dispensers to coordinate with the product line,” Ware concluded. HB

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