JW Marriott Chicago revamps dining with wellness in mind

CHICAGO—JW Marriott Chicago is giving guests new and creative ways to incorporate healthy eats into the hotel experience with its recently refreshed in-room dining menu. The new menu is part of a larger JW Marriott brandwide initiative, Savor by JW, which encourages wellness and healthy eating while traveling. With the convenience of in-room dining, JW Marriott is making healthy options even more approachable, especially for always-on-the-go business travelers.

“Well-being and sustainability are key ingredients of JW Marriott food and beverage experiences. We’ve crafted an in-room dining experience that balances healthy, nourishing options with the comfort of familiar recipes, created with care,” said Senior Sous Chef Anthony Biasetti of JW Marriott Chicago. “We are committed to providing guests the options and access to not only complement—but also elevate—their sense of well-being.”

Seventy percent of the menu incorporates “better for you” options, while still offering guests indulgent items to enjoy. Additions include smoothies and juice packed with vitamins and nutrients, meal options like an inventive take on avocado toast made with pickled onions and radish, cauliflower fried rice and even gluten-free vegan options like tempeh meatballs.

The preface of the in-room dining menu lists information on vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. “They are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and could possibly inform the guest more than if they had not decided to read our menu,” Biasetti said.

The menu lists these nutrients, along with descriptions of each of their health benefits and the foods that have them, so guests can easily choose options that satisfy possible deficiencies.

“As our guests are ever-evolving and becoming more food savvy, we are always looking to add more information to our menus,” Biasetti said.

He added that the new program also includes a guide to nourishment, which helps guests make informed decisions that dovetail with their healthy lifestyle.

“It [the menu]focuses on key nutrients that promote well-being, starting with a guide to nourishment, which our guest can use as a road map to well-being,” Biasetti said. “The biggest addition to our menu is the ‘Artfully Blended’ section, which includes smoothies and juices that are brimming with health benefits and essential nutrients to invigorate body and mind.”

A large part of the initiative is staying healthy while on the road, which can be quite the challenge for busy business travelers. With the convenience of in-room dining and these new options, guests don’t have to compromise.

“We understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very difficult, especially while traveling. By guiding our guests and giving them information and these options, we are able to improve their stay and make a lasting impression,” Biasetti said.

With the packed schedule of a business traveler, venturing anywhere beyond the hotel’s doors is sometimes impossible, making local culinary options inaccessible. JW Marriott Chicago recognizes this and has collaborated with local farmers and artisans to deliver guests a true taste of the Windy City.

“On the menu, we offer artisan meats that are purchased through a local farm by the name of La Quercia. Not only is this a local farm, but it also offers a superior product and shares the same passion for an expertly crafted experience,” Biasetti said.

While healthy and local options help to shape the JW initiative and set this in-room dining menu apart, guests don’t have to sacrifice their favorite treats. The hotel’s culinary team paid special mind to incorporate indulgences to create a balanced menu.

“I personally believe in a balance of healthy eating and indulgences only once in a while,” Biasetti said. “For some, eating healthy is difficult and requires commitment, but an indulgence once in a while can keep the cravings to a minimum. We currently have a gluten-free pistachio cake that I am partial to.”

Also available are whole-grain waffles and pancakes, along with a classic Chicago indulgence meal, an Italian beef and sausage combination, making for a unique, authentic in-room dining experience that guests can’t find just anywhere.

“The JW in-room dining experience is luxurious because we’re one of the few hotels that still offers full-service in-room dining with tray and china service. It’s also our pleasure to prepare any of the guests’ special requests,” Biasetti said.

“The culinary experience is just the beginning for our guests at the JW Marriott Chicago. Our entire team, from culinarians to expertly trained service staff, has a true passion for luxury service,” he said. HB

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