Kassatex brings the comfort of home to hotels

NEW YORK—Luxury bedding and bath brand Kassatex has extended its residential brand into the hospitality industry with the launch of Kassatex x Hotel. Kassatex CEO Ernesto Khoudari received constant inquiries from hotels looking to buy the bedding and bath products, initiating the development of the brand’s textiles to meet the needs of the hospitality sector.

“Before we knew it, hospitality became a natural extension of our brand, as we have always designed products to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, and this felt like the next natural progression,” Khoudari said.

The new line includes terry towels that are “made in green” certified, which guarantees that the textiles are made with nontoxic materials in environmentally friendly facilities; pool towels using eco-melange, a waterless coloring method that allows for towels to be safely bleached; breathable linens; top-of-bed options; robes; bathroom accessories; bath rugs; and shower curtains.

“All of our products are made with the same high-quality materials, but we found ways to reinforce them with the added durability that is needed to withstand the industrial laundry environments of the hospitality industry,” Khoudari said.

Preserving the line’s at-home quality while designing a product suitable for the hotel industry is a top priority for the brand. Khoudari recognizes that guests are constantly seeking to make their travels comfortable, with products that provide an “at home” aesthetic and feel, without compromising the high-quality hospitality grade materials.

The CEO said, “It’s our belief that with our combined expertise in sourcing private label manufacturing and our ability to design custom-branded products, our new hospitality program will be able to find a stronghold in the hospitality market.” HB

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