Lubertex provides Montreal Ritz-Carlton with luxury textiles

Lubertex, a bed and bath linens manufacturer for the hotel and retail markets, has entered into a textile partnership with The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal. In-line with the historic hotel, the products offer timeless charm with modern comforts.

“Lubertex and Ritz-Carlton are both luxury brands in the hotel space, so the decision to work together was a no-brainer,” said Heidi Luber, president/owner, Lubertex. “We were able to provide The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal with sumptuous linens and towels that support and elevate the hotel’s lavish interiors.”

All bedding, towels, bathrobes, linen bidet towels and room amenity bags are available for guests, and many of the items specified are for sale at the hotel.

Lubertex supplies the hotel with a full line of textile products, including bathrobes.

“For this Ritz-Carlton location, the goal was to highlight and honor the city of Montreal. Not all Ritz-Carlton hotels incorporate the city they’re in as part of the interior design. The Montreal location is special because of its custom elements, such as the duvet covers that feature a tailor-made jacquard design of the hotel’s landmark building,” Luber said.

The Ritz-Carlton’s guestrooms and suites offer sophistication and classic luxury, while remaining contemporary for today’s travelers. The European-inspired spaces are ideal for Lubertex’s custom linens, outfitted with the Ritz-Carlton logo.

“Custom products are in high-demand for hospitality settings,” she said. “They add a luxurious, one-of-a-kind element that guests crave when going to a bar or restaurant or staying at a nice resort.”

Lubertex also supplies laundry, hair dryer and shoe bags for the hotel.

“The linens, towels, robes and bags for The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal endorses the hotel’s sophisticated presentation,” Luber said. “Quality bedding and towels truly make a difference for today’s guests, who are investing more time in their health and self-care practices, and ensure overnight guests have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

The products are made using 100% cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re free of harmful substances.

“Many hospitality settings are focused on integrating 100% cotton products as an eco-friendly and natural alternative,” she said.

Lubertex works exclusively with sustainably sourced fabrics, and with ethical and responsible factories for manufacturing, to offer clients quality linens for their spaces.

“Sleep at a hotel is the most important part of the stay,” Luber said. “When traveling for business or on vacation, the hotel is meant to be a reliable rest stop, where one can expect to sleep well and sleep comfortably. Waking up refreshed after sleeping in luxury sheets and bathing with luxury towels can make the stay much more enjoyable and comfortable.”

Luber explained that price points tends to be a challenge for the company, with many properties unable to afford 100% cotton bedding and the specific laundering it requires. However, a 60/40 cotton/poly blend is a great second choice that washes easier and shows less creases, according to the Lubertex owner.

“Lubertex has the ability to make beautiful beds within our customers’ varying budgets,” she said. “Forming meaningful relationships can take some time but is crucial for seeing what will work best for the hotel’s specific needs. Taking the time to properly educate our customers leads to some of their best bedding decisions.”

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