Product showcase

Here are some of the new and recently released technology products available to hoteliers to enhance the guest experience, make the business work more efficiently and help improve the bottom line.

Aptech has released a new dashboard for its hospitality enterprise accounting solution, PVNG. The new PVNG dashboard allows users to easily review accounting data from a single property or multiple hotels; identify trends; detect potential challenges before they become larger issues; and monitor their organization’s overall financial health.

AiMe, an AI Concierge from Hotel Communication Network (HCN), uses natural language processing and translation capabilities to respond to guests’ unstructured requests and creates actionable tasks relayed from the in-room tablet to the service system. AiMe interprets voice tone, identifies key words, creates/closes work orders, activates room controls and more.


MezzoPay, powered by Fullsteam, is a payment processing solution embedded within Maestro PMS. MezzoPay eliminates the need for third-party payment processing gateways and strips away layers of processing between guests and payment resulting in faster check-in/out, a smoother customer experience and a more trustworthy payment portal.

Jazzware has introduced Biometrica safety services as part of its platform. This privacy-compliant service identifies criminals, missing persons and trafficking victims in seconds, creating a safer environment for guests and staff while reducing liability for owners and managers.

Silverware Pay, powered by Fullsteam, is a payment solution that integrates directly with Silverware, providing a streamlined process, reduced errors and improved customer satisfaction. PCI compliance, detailed reports and direct support are built in. Plus, seamless website integration creates a smooth experience for both staff and guests.

ICON is an AI-powered chatbot and Interactive lobby concierge from TTI Technologies that uses existing business center terminals to enhance guest interactions, reduce long wait times, customize recommendations, automate hotel FAQ information, provide local insights and more during peak hours with no need to purchase additional equipment.

Operational Insights by BirchStreet enables hoteliers to generate high-value analytics on supplier performance while minimizing expenses with automated invoicing. The solution tracks key PO and invoice metrics and compares the user’s results to the overall BirchStreet customer base in each measured area.

UrVenue has designed a Group Itinerary Builder to enable large groups to preplan onsite activities. The read-only centralized event itinerary builder enables group members to see all activities happening via a Guest Portal and select event to participate in.

Groups360’s GroupSync Instant Booking allows the user to have complete control over the hotel’s available inventory, rates and sell dates. It also sidesteps the need to review time-consuming RFPs for smaller meetings. Meeting planners can search, source and book group room blocks and meeting space in a single transaction.

P3 Hotel Software has introduces P3 Ancillary, an add-on product for P3 booking
engines. This module integrates with external systems like SpaSoft and Easy-
Tee, allowing guests to book spa treatments, golf tee-times and more within one

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