Room Ready for You products eliminate the first wash

CINCINNATI—For many years, hotels have typically unpackaged their sheets and towels and put them into a special laundry cycle for their first wash. It was a costly process for the larger properties around the world, considering the amount of linens that were used in guestrooms.

Addressing the need to soften, so to speak, the financial considerations of what was considered standard practice, Standard Textile, based here, created the Room Ready for You Laundered with Tide product line to eliminate the first-wash process. And while the product was first developed and introduced to the industry back in 2007, it’s still going strong today—and has, pardon the pun—become part of the fabric of this industry’s laundry solutions.

“Standard Textile created Room Ready For You Laundered with Tide as part of our commitment to hospitality clients,” said Greg Eubanks, group VP of hospitality sales and marketing. “Institutional laundry processing is a much different environment than home or retail laundering. In North America, the average hotel spends 35 cents per pound to have its laundry processed after each use. Standard Textile recognized that by offering product that was laundered right out of the box, hoteliers could save money, time and the aggravation associated with placing new linen into service.”

According to Eubanks, the company, which was founded in 1940, offers a wide selection of sheets, pillowcases, terry products, towels and blankets that are Room Ready for You Laundered with Tide.

The partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G), the manufacturer of Tide and other consumer products such as Bounty paper towels, Crest toothpaste and Charmin bath tissue, began in 2007. “It grew out of a mutual desire to operationalize laundry savings at the hotel level,” said Eubanks. “Prior to then, Standard Textile had developed technology to launder terry towels as part of our manufacturing supply chain and, in 2007, our engineers invented a proprietary technology to launder sheets as part of the manufacturing process.”

He added, “By using Tide Professional products in our manufacturing operations, and by having P&G certify the process, we can communicate the ‘clean and fresh’ message that Tide consumers around the world know and appreciate.”

According to the VP, “Thousands of hotels around North America utilize Standard Textile products that are Room Ready For You Laundered with Tide. Many of the world’s finest hoteliers utilize this technology, including large brands and independent hotels.” HB

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