A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

While Hotel Business tends to focus on more of the transactional aspects of the business, such as hotel development, mergers and acquisitions—and this issue is certainly no exception with stories on groundbreaking development (Westin Anaheim), brand expansion (Mondrian) and strategic initiatives in closing deals (Vista Capital Company)—it’s important that we shine the spotlight on the product side of our business and their manufacturers. Without those products, the guest experience would look much different—after all, to guests, it’s about a comfortable bed after a long day of business or that great and much-needed cup of coffee to jump start their day—or, perhaps, a glass of wine to wind it down. Now, add convenience, flexibility and safety to the mix of products that guests not only want, but have come to expect, and today, more than ever, a variety of products that address personalization is essential.

In our Shop Talk supplement, which appears after page 12, we highlight six product categories—bedding & linens, in-room appliances, laundry equipment, outdoor furniture, in-room entertainment and locks & security—and take a deeper dive into what’s trending right now.

In the past, our Shop Talk supplement has featured the perspective of hotel owners and operators, management companies, purchasing firms and hotel brands, as well as designers and architects, focusing on product specification and installation. But this time, we turned to the manufacturers and suppliers of these products—or at least a sampling of them—to get their insight on what’s hot right now and what they’re forecasting in terms of their respective markets. While each comes to the table with their own experience and opinion, one thing they all agree on: Finding the right products for your property will not only improve guest satisfaction, but will help the owner meet the bottom line—and stay ahead of the competition. So with that in mind, our vendor sources share tips and trends to help you select and implement the products that speak to the current and future styles—and, ultimately, the guests.

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