A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

What makes a great place to work? While answers to this question may vary depending on whom you ask, most of the articles and research I’ve seen on the topic present some common themes—and those themes seem to center around company culture. While money certainly motivates many people, when it comes to being happy at a job, evidence points more to emotional gratification than financial satisfaction.

Studies and surveys remind management that people want to matter, want to feel heard, want to grow, and want to be appreciated. And that a positive company culture—and one that aligns its core values to employees’ values—produces a work environment rich in productivity and pride. And while creating a positive aura, a fulfilling culture and fostering confident, trusting and solid relationships in the workplace has always mattered, let’s face it: It’s more important now to mitigate employee turnover, and to attract and retain talent. The hotel industry is facing a labor shortage crisis—it’s one of the hottest topics at every conference—and so making your company a great place, a best place, to work is essential to your business growth.

I’m excited to share with you that Hotel Business is launching Best Places to Work, sponsored by Beekeeper and conducted by EffectUX, an analyst based in Palo Alto, CA. The report will highlight companies that create rewarding work environments. And, awards will be presented to those with outstanding achievements.

Best Places to Work will honor companies from each of the following categories: hotel brands; management companies (operator); and owner level. Our readers will receive the survey and be asked to share it across their organization to solicit nominations. EffectUX will analyze the data and determine the top five to 10 companies across the three categories. We’ll publish the results in a cover story later in the year.

Hospitality is a people business. How often do we hear that? Say that? This industry program will celebrate the companies that live that mantra within their organizations, providing a rewarding employee experience and, ultimately, creating a healthy work/life balance—something we all strive to perfect.

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