Artistry in the sheets

ZURICH—With a focus on the art community, ZigZagZurich is a company with a purpose. Blending art across an array of mediums—fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde, etc.—ZigZagZurich infuses culture, ideas and passionate artistry into its bedding products.

“The inspiration is the zeitgeist we are living in,” said Michele Rondelli, creative director for ZigZagZurich. “We want to transfer this lifestyle into our products by working with artists; we are exposed to new ideas and perspectives, which we then try to capture in our products.”

ZigZagZurich offers three lines of hospitality bedding—Egyptian Cotton Percale, Egyptian Cotton Sateen and Yarn Dyed Egyptian Vintage Cotton bedding—all with a strong focus on design as the lines between residential and hospitality become more and more blurred.

“Residential and hospitality are getting closer. However, in residential work, designers tend to be a bit more quiet, whereas hospitality has to trigger all of the senses and create a bit of a dramatic impact,” he said.

ZigZagZurich aims to blend artistry with comfort.

Rondelli explained that while hospitality design may not completely translate into residential, the crossover is largely due to increased globalization and travel, becoming inspired by their connections. This triggers bedding designs that incorporate environments and local cultures, but are also comfortable enough to be considered a residential-quality product.

All of ZigZagZurich’s hospitality lines are distinct, offering others’ ideas into the design. While this gives artists a platform to showcase their work, it can present obstacles for ZigZagZurich in keeping its brand story consistent.

“Our collaboration with artists is a true challenge,” Rondelli said. “So many creative ideas are coming toward us, and we constantly have to balance it out and see that the overall signature of the company remains true and unique. ”

Another challenge for ZigZagZurich, Rondelli said, is converting these original ideas into commercial production, needing to simplify it and adapt to technical conditions while also respecting yarn colors, weaving techniques, etc. This, however, breeds even more creativity.

“Ideas and perspectives are mirroring the world of today. It could be influences from sport and travel, but also more current themes, such as climate change and politics,” Rondelli said.

He added, “This year, we worked with designer Gabriel Nazoa, who showed us his new works that documented in a funny way the white lines of sports grounds such as tennis courts—and so we created a sports towel line.”

The Egyptian Vintage Cotton line sets itself apart specifically because of its treatment giving it a “vintage” look. Rondelli explained that the process includes dipping the fabric into hot water barrels after weaving it, and gently manipulating it to create an extraordinary hand.

“People are always excited about an artisanal aspect in a product,” Rondelli said. “Sometimes, it gets too clean and industrialized, and the products seem without life. Our vintage line deliberately puts character and individuality back into our products because they embrace the consumer and they can relate to it.”

As for attracting consumers, ZigZagZurich embraces social responsibility. “Sustainable products are a must,” he said. “A manufacturer has to take responsibility for its products. It is impossible to create high quality and low prices; ultimately, somebody will lose out in such a production process.”

With comfort also at the forefront in the industry, ZigZagZurich has also designed with coziness in mind, but is always exploring the industry’s realm of materials.

“One feels much more comfortable in natural yarns—that is why we only consider natural yarns at this point. However, we’re looking at new tech yarns that are man-made, but increase the experience level,” he said. HB

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