Bedding with a beat: Hard Rock offers an at-home experience

HOLLYWOOD, FL—Rock is moving into retail. Hard Rock International has partnered with Sobel Westex to bring hotel-inspired bedding into homes. The Rock at Home collection offers comforters, sheet sets, throws and decorative accent pillows, all with music in mind.

The collection is set to launch in retail in the fall of this year, giving guests the chance to experience the Hard Rock brand without having to step foot outside of their own homes.

“For the first time, Hard Rock is now expanding its brand distribution outside of Hard Rock’s own retail properties and websites with categories that have never been offered under the Hard Rock brand before,” said Mark Linduski, director of licensing, Hard Rock International.

The Rock at Home collection is geared toward multiple age ranges and features designs from different music genres and lifestyles.

“We have put together collections whose designs reflect the lifestyle of country music fans, rock and alternative music touches, diva glam, as well as hip hop trends and accents,” Linduski said. “Guests can interchange accent pillow and accessory styles to create their own musically inspired mix
of designs.”

According to Linduski, many of the designs feature premium accents to add Hard Rock flair to homes, including faux fur, sequins, velvet, denim with plaid, Aztec, tie-dye and animal prints, all of which are meant to mix and match.

“The aforementioned accents and prints are more about complementing the apparel fashions and lifestyles associated with the various music genres rather than having actual guitars, microphones and drum kits in the prints, designs and accessories,” Linduski said.

Associating music with lifestyle is no new concept and one that most everyone can relate to. Rather than featuring a bedding collection with actual musical elements, as Linduski explained, incorporating the sentiments that music brings—and that the Hard Rock brand brings—is more of the idea behind the collection.

“As one of the great musicians in our century once said, ‘Music is a world within itself; it’s a language we all understand,’” said Michael Trampas, EVP, Sobel Westex. “At Sobel Westex, we believe physical retail isn’t dead, but boring retail is. It’s time to raise the volume in retail stores and online to inspire customers through their love of music.”

The Rock at Home collection is designed to mix and match.

Surely, when product connects one to the inspirational nature of music, emotional senses can be launched into overdrive, especially when purchasing products for one’s own home.

“This collection was designed to allow music fans to decorate their homes in a way that allows them to feel like they are living the lifestyle of their favorite music legends. The line was not only created just for our loyal Hard Rock customers, but rather designed for all music lovers who enjoy decorating their homes with motifs that fit their musical preference, lifestyle and tastes,” Linduski said.

Sobel Westex already supplies many of the Hard Rock hotel and resort properties with textiles, making the joint move into retail a natural fit.

“Sobel Westex’s wealth of products is equaled only by their depth of experience and service. Their attention to detail and building strong, long-term relationships was critical in partnering with them for this exciting new project,” Linduski said.

In addition to the bedding products, Linduski said, the collection will also include bath and window products, as well as beach towels, with plans to introduce foods, culinary tools, audio and electronics, fragrances, custom jewelry, outdoor equipment and more co-branded collaborations.

According to Linduski, the bedding, bath and window collections allow guests to “feel and touch” the music at home. These are intimate reflections of their favorite music genres and lifestyles, and allow them to customize and arrange different pieces together, to complement their own living spaces.

“We are all emotionally connected to music,” Linduski said. “Using the apparel, fashion and musical connections, we offer unique designs and special applications that connect with virtually every lifestyle and musical palette.”

The retail line will be moderately priced, making it accessible without sacrificing quality. Linduski explained that the feedback on the collection has been positive thus far on its “tour” to major retailers throughout the country.

Whether a groupie or just someone who likes to sing along, one thing remains true: Music is truly a universal language. And, even more, comfortable, fashionable and quality bedding are all things guests look for, and now, don’t have to wait for a trip to experience.

“Sobel Westex’s capabilities extend beyond the ordinary, with the ability to provide custom-designed, emotionally connected products specifically tailored to elevate your home department brand and improve your guest’s experience,” Trampas said. HB

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