In-house machines feature advanced technology

There are two ways hotels handle laundry processing: they either outsource the washing and drying of the dirty linens to a commercial facility or they have machines that do the work on premises. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both processes, but with today’s laundry technology, going in-house could be the smarter move for a property.

“On-site laundry processing offers numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced transportation costs and greater quality control,” said Scott Lombardi, U.S. country director, Miele Professional. “Faster linen turnover contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction and brand experience.”

To give hoteliers more options in choosing laundry machines for their properties, Lombardi’s company has launched its Benchmark line of seven washers and seven dryers for on-premise laundry applications in the U.S.

Initially launched in Europe, the machines are available in various load capacities—25-75 lbs. for washers and 30-100 lbs. for dryers—in non-heater, steam, gas and electric configurations.

“Benchmark washers and dryers are designed with advanced technology to provide faster turnover and a higher quality clean for bedding and textiles,” said Lombardi.

Like all other Miele machines, the Benchmark line features the company’s patented honeycomb drum technology.

“Benchmark washers use a convex honeycomb drum pattern that promotes effective wetting and gentle fabric care,” said Lombardi. “Similarly, Benchmark dryers use a concave honeycomb drum pattern that creates an air cushion to protect laundry as it dries. Miele’s PerfectDry system also includes a residual moisture sensor to ensure garments dry evenly.”

Users of the Benchmark machines also have access to more than 90 customizable programs that “make it possible for hotel laundry operators to adjust programs according to their specific needs and what textiles they are trying to clean,” he pointed out. “These programs include high-hygiene and disinfection cycles that ensure textiles are cleaned according to specifications and standards.”

Another important feature is WiFi connectivity, which allows Benchmark machines to “facilitate seamless data transfer, remote programming and streamlined integration of operations,” Lombardi explained.

He added that Miele is expecting to introduce its MOVE platform to the U.S. market by the end of this year.

“A digital solution tailored for efficient machine, data and process management, Miele MOVE promises to revolutionize commercial operations by optimizing processes and reducing operational costs,” said Lombardi. “This platform merges user-friendly interfaces with intelligent assistance tools, paving the way for transparent machine management.”

The company’s M Touch Pro or M Touch Pro Plus touchscreen controls are also available in select Benchmark models.

According to Lombardi, the new machines are engineered for sustainable performance and maximum fabric longevity.

“Miele laundry is synonymous with sustainable performance and maximum fabric longevity, embodying our motto of ‘Immer Besser’ (‘Always Better’) in every aspect of our business and product portfolio,” he said. “For Benchmark laundry, specially calibrated wash and dry programs optimize each cycle, conserving water, electricity and resources. The innovative honeycomb drum design extends fabric lifespan by optimizing wetting and fabric care during washing while protecting laundry during drying. By lengthening the lifespan of the fabrics, Miele is helping to reduce the volume of material and textile discarded and reduce the resources used in the manufacturing of new materials.”

In preparation for the U.S. launch of the Benchmark line, Miele bolstered its technical support infrastructure.

“We have established a training center at our headquarters in Princeton, NJ, where authorized dealers and their networks of service technicians can receive hands-on, immersive training on Benchmark machines so they can best support their customers,” said Lombardi. “Our comprehensive training program ensures that technicians within the authorized distributor network are fully equipped to maintain and service our Benchmark machines to the highest standards.”

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