Sonno Bed launches signature product for hotel industry

LOS ANGELES—A few years ago, high-end furniture designer Dino Corella and his wife searched for a comfortable mattress that also would allow them to wash the cover, but they couldn’t find the right product. Corella approached his friend and foam mattress expert, Rick Villanueva, about developing a customizable mattress to meet their needs.   

Corella eventually founded Sonno Bed, a Los Angeles-based foam-mattress and bedding company, and produced a bedding solution that would address comfort and customization. Targeting the residential and hospitality industries, the company introduced its flagship products—the Sonno Mattress and Sonno Foundation—in March 2016. The products are available via e-commerce.

The Sonno Mattress has a five-layer foam system that combines multiple layers of latex, gel-infused memory foam and a high-density support core. The latex’s permeability allows air to circulate to keep the body cool while sleeping. The gel-infused memory foam conforms to the body and relieves pressure depending on the preferred sleeping position. The foam core is designed to ensure that the mattress will maintain its shape.

“As a designer and engineer, I created Sonno Bed out of necessity after becoming frustrated with my buying experience when purchasing mattresses and foundations for my home,” said Corella. “My goal was to create a complete product line, making the online shopping experience an easy one, without having to buy a mattress on one site and then go to another for the foundation and pillows.” 

He added, “I didn’t care for the old, traditional designs. I started to bring a more fresh and fashion-forward approach to the furniture. I have designed furniture for comfort, function and longevity, so I applied these fundamentals to the design of the mattress.”

Additionally, the Sonno Mattress can be flipped and rotated 180 degrees with each side offering a different firmness level. The mattress can be customized to feature two comfort levels—one on each side. It is available in soft, medium or firm. The customization also allows the mattress to provide the same comfort level for a number of years, according to the company.

“Over time, a one-sided foam mattress will develop body indentations; our design team worked for more than a year to develop a unique combination of foam layers on both sides of our mattress to prevent indentations,” said Corella. “This feature creates a longer-lasting mattress. The new Sonno foam mattress is a first in its category and, we seek to be a disrupter in the industry.”

In addition to providing mattresses, Sonno Bed offers the Sonno Pillow, which is made from hypoallergenic microfiber

The customization of the Sonno Mattress also aims to appeal to today’s discerning hotel guests. “The large majority of the population would prefer a medium firmness comfort level,” said Corella. “All of our mattresses have that comfort level on one side. New technology in foam products gave us the ability to layer different materials to achieve what we find to be one of the best mattresses for the money in the market today.” 

Both the Sonno mattress and foundation come in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes. All materials for Sonno products are sourced from California, Michigan and South Carolina, while the mattress and foundation are designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped from Los Angeles.

An added benefit for housekeeping, the mattress includes a machine washable top and bottom cover that zips off. During his tenure as president of Dino Mark Anthony Furniture, Corella developed washable slipcovers for a furniture line in the late 1980s.

“Everyone has to wash their sheets and mattress pad, so why not your mattress cover?” he asked. “So I brought the slipcover concept to the mattress giving it the same application as the furniture. The ability to remove the cover and wash it means you can keep it fresh and clean for many years.”

Corella added, “We can’t prevent bed bugs from coming in to your house or hotel room. But by washing the cover on our mattresses, you remove the reason why the bed bugs are there in the first place: dead skin and sweat.”

The Sonno Mattress is made from hypoallergenic materials, resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew. Supporting Sonno’s commitment to the environment, over 90% of the company’s foam trimmings are recycled, and its beds are produced without harmful chemicals. No harmful materials, such as PBDE flame-retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates, are used in the manufacturing process. “The mattress has great features for the hotel industry,” said Corella.

The Sonno Foundation can be used with all standard bed frames. If a bed frame is unavailable, the foundation comes covered in a linen-, cotton- and polyester-blend fabric with removable 6-in. turned hardwood tapered legs, which can be added to the foundation to create a finished upholstered bed.

The company also offers the Sonno Pillows, filled with a hypoallergenic, soft microfiber and covered in soft stretch knit rayon and polyester blend. The amount of microfiber in the pillow can be adjusted by users to accommodate their preference. “They’re designed with the ability to remove the desired amount of microfiber, allowing a customized, personal feel,” said Corella.

To prove its commitment to its product’s quality, Sonno offers a free sleep trial. “We’re so confident in our new Sonno Bed, with its innovative design and long-lasting premium construction, we offer a no-risk sleep trial for 100 nights,” said Corella. HB

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