Transparent OLED adds a wow factor

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—From wayfinding to videos promoting amenities at a hotel, digital signage is a great way for hotels to appeal to guests and show off their best attributes. To market your hotel as luxury, it needs to look and feel luxury, down to the very last detail. Digital signage is an ever-evolving field, and now LG Business Solutions has a new option for hoteliers to try out: LG Transparent OLED digital signage.

“We just started shipping it in the U.S,” said Garry Wicka, VP of marketing, LG Business Solutions USA. “This slim, see-through display is designed to deliver a unique guest experience in high-profile public areas of luxury hotels and resorts—retail and corporate environments, too.”

The LG Transparent OLED offers video on the screen augmented by visible objects and images behind the screen. The 55-in. display delivers LG OLED’s picture quality, while maintaining a high transparency.

“It’s magical,” Wicka said. “LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality (thanks to self-lighting pixels) is accurate and vivid even when the display becomes transparent. The LG Transparent OLED display brings content to life.”

According to Wicka, the viewing experience is one you have to see “to believe and appreciate how cool it is.” 

He added, “With this display, watching video on the screen is augmented by seeing real-life objects and images behind the screen. It displays 400 nits of brightness, while interacting seamlessly with its surrounding environment so that viewers can easily see both the digital imagery on a highly transparent screen, and background objects, without having to change their position for a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Reflecting on the evolution of OLED displays, Wicka said, “Transparent is the next generation. With an elegant form factor, this advanced transparent panel allows hoteliers to harness the picture quality of LG OLED without completely blocking the viewer from objects or people behind it. And, there’s no color distortion from any viewing angle. The display offers a seamless, yet innovative solution thanks to its customizable and expandable design. It’s designed as a semi-assembled display that hotel operators and their integrators can install in various configurations to fit into existing structures and spaces, linking multiple displays together, too. The tempered front glass protects the screen from external impact, and its certified safety design means it’s reliable enough to endure shock and vibration.”

With transparent OLED, front-desk agents can upsell rooms or promote the hotel restaurant, all while maintaining eye contact with the guest.

The solution is targeted toward high-end, luxury establishments. “This is a premium product delivering a premium experience to premium guests at premium properties,” he said. “High-end lodging, restaurant and retail establishments in addition to hotels that host public events, meetings and conventions are prime targets. The Transparent OLED is a guaranteed attention-getter, and it’s sure to attract engagement and make a statement.”

There are many use cases for a luxury hotel as well. “The installation and application versatility is particularly unique, with options to create a dramatic video wall or a touch overlay,” Wicka said. “We know how competitive the luxury hotel space is, and we think visionary hoteliers will turn transparent OLED into an attraction. Think about how this kind of display can mesmerize guests at check-in or attract big-spenders in the luxury hotel’s high-end boutiques—maybe even serving as windows into boutiques. The possibilities are endless; this unique display unleashes creativity in ways never imagined with conventional digital signage displays.”

The first thing hoteliers need to do when investigating this type of solution is define the application, “whether it’s beautiful videos of amenities, event promotions, wayfinding, menu boards, interactive fitness sessions and so on,” Wicka said. “Hoteliers working with a partner like LG will find a range of solutions—not just amazing displays of all shapes and sizes, but total solutions with integrators and content providers. The higher level of creative thinking, and impact, comes into play when incorporating a unique display.”

Another consideration is also return on investment. “Transparent OLED has a very high perceived value based on its unique design, cosmetic presentation and picture quality,” he said. “Luxury hotel brands have customers who value the look and feel of the property, which keeps them loyal. Stepping into a lobby with a transparent OLED display with the best content will help create a great first impression and keep those customers coming back.” HB

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