A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

The editorial staff is back from HX: The Hotel Experience and BDNY—both held at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center earlier this month. And, as we do every year, we walked the show floors not only to meet with manufacturing partners, but also to take in a holistic view of what’s trending. It’s like a quick visual assessment of where we are and where we’re heading in the hotel industry.

I spoke to each of the editors in attendance and asked them what they gleaned from their couple of days and have put together a quick report here. After all, a new year is just around the bend, and what’s being introduced at these tandem shows is sure to influence your design and operations not only in 2018, but in the next few years to come. We all know hotel guests today are not only wanting, but expecting, more from their experiences. And this includes creating spaces that inspire them and feed their increasing appetite for something truly extraordinary.

Custom approach. While this has been trending for a while, it’s coming into deeper focus as the desire for customized features has caught the attention of manufacturers, who have, in turn, increased their customization and consultation capabilities.

Color is key. Vibrant hues and rich tones can be found in everything from fabrics to furniture. Bright color palettes are being used to add life to hotel interiors. And on that note…

Green. Green. Green. Splashes of this color from jewel to citrus tones—vibrant, not muted—have found their way into product design. Fresh and nature-inspired, green supports the trend toward bringing the outdoors in and…

Health & well-being. Emphasis on wellness and mindfulness is in play, and products are responding with components of comfort, nature and nurture. And that lead us to…

Soft and subtle. Simplicity and minimalism have ruled the scene, but we saw luxurious textures, tactile elements and curved lines as a contrast to the more angular and geometric patterns of the past. Maybe that’s because…

Home or hotel? The lines have blurred. Eclectic forms, comfy couches, diverse design elements all underscore the move from matchy-match to mix and match. Just like our homes.

Take a selfie. Products that can stand alone and speak volumes are ideal backdrops for Instagrammable moments. Unusual shapes, artistic patterns, signage with sayings, style mash-ups all create stand-out canvases for that one photo.

Tech rules. The tech aisles and tech sessions were super crowded. Enough said. From improving the guest experience to impacting the way we design, this is one trend that will only gain more traction with time.

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