My Place Hotels partners with Grubhub to enhance the guest experience

Food and beverage is one of the most important parts of a hotel stay. It affects the guest experience and keeps travelers on property. The F&B landscape is changing, however, and taking advantage of that is My Place Hotels of America through a partnership with Grubhub, an online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform.

“The inspiration for our partnership with Grubhub sprouted from a simple desire: to weave even more convenience and comfort into our guests’ stays,” said Jeff Thomas VP, marketing, My Place. “Recognizing the significant role that food and grocery delivery play in the modern lifestyle, especially for those enjoying extended stays, we saw an opportunity to make our guests’ experiences feel even more like home. The prospect of convenient food delivery from an established brand like Grubhub, without the burden of delivery fees, perfectly aligns with our mission to offer an unparalleled guest experience.”

Jeff Thomas, My Place Hotels of America

My Place guests can order through Grubhub’s network of more than 365,000 restaurants and convenience stores for delivery directly to the hotel, with no delivery fees on eligible orders.

“Imagine winding down after a day of adventure or meetings, all while enjoying the local culinary delights in the comfort of your room, dressed in your coziest pajamas—that’s the experience we’re bringing to My Place guests,” Thomas said. “Beyond the joy of dining out, there’s a unique pleasure in having a variety of cuisines delivered right to your door. Our in-room kitchens provide the flexibility to enjoy both restaurant meals and home-cooked dishes, courtesy of Grubhub’s grocery delivery feature. This blend of convenience and choice elevates the extended-stay experience to new heights.”

My Place guests can order on the Grubhub app via geolocation technology and QR codes at each property with ease. Additionally, guests who affiliate with their hotel will receive one free month of Grubhub+, its loyalty program that provides customers access to unlimited $0 delivery on orders of $12-plus.

“Grubhub’s network of local dining and grocery partners opens up a world of culinary possibilities for our guests,” Thomas said. “We’re excited about the opportunity to amplify local restaurants, while enhancing our guests’ experiences and supporting local businesses in the process. “

My Place’s partnership with Grubhub is currently available at 54 of its 70 open locations, with eligibility based on Grubhub’s geographic reach. My Place is continuously evaluating its properties to extend this offering wherever possible, Thomas said.

“From personalized recommendations by our managers to spotlighting local culinary gems via Grubhub, our passion lies in connecting our guests with the unique flavors that define our communities,” he said. “It’s about providing an authentic taste of the destination and celebrating the wide array of cuisines available.”

Thomas noted that My Place is dedicated to not only creating a local experience for guests, but one that mirrors what they might experience in the comfort of their own homes.

“This partnership with Grubhub exemplifies our commitment to enhancing every aspect of our guests’ stay, offering them the luxury of time and the pleasure of diverse dining options,” he said. “It’s about simplifying their travel experience, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.”

The partnership with Grubhub also underscores My Place’s commitment to using the right technology to provide ease-of-use for guests.

“We’re dedicated to enhancing our guests’ experiences through cutting-edge digital tools like Grubhub,” Thomas said. “Our partnership with Grubhub exemplifies our commitment to leveraging technology to make every visit effortlessly enjoyable.”

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