Amrit Ocean Resort to offer personal wellness team

SINGER ISLAND, FL—So many hotels these days are cashing in on the health and wellness boom. According to the most recent GWI Global Wellness Economy Monitor (released in 2018 using figures from 2017), the global wellness economy was a $4.2-trillion market two years ago. Wellness tourism made up for 6.5% of that amount. From chains based around fitness to celebrity guest trainers, the industry is catering to travelers who put their mind, body and soul first when on vacation or a business trip.

Set to open in the spring of 2020, the Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, located here, is going all in on health and wellness by offering each guest a personal wellness team available 24/7 via app, text, call or FaceTime. The team will include a personal wellness coach and personal wellness assistant, plus a group of certified specialists in the pillars of sleep, meditation, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and relaxation.

“Rather than a ‘hotel with a spa,’ Amrit is a wellness resort that happens to have lodging, both resort and condominiums,” said Matt Rocco, COO, Amrit. “As a wellness/spa resort, it’s only natural that Amrit will have a curated wellness support system for guests.”

The Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences will offer a team of specialists to create a personal wellness roadmap.

The resort will host 153 guestrooms and 182 residences; 100,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor spa and wellness space, including a state-of-the-art fitness center; and a hair-health salon. In addition, there will also be 12,000 sq. ft. of function space, two restaurants, a marketplace and beach bar.

Guests will be able to curate their personal wellness roadmap pre-arrival or on site, working with Amrit’s personal wellness coaches to craft a plan around their own goals. “After departing, they will have the option to receive 24/7 support from our advisors,” added Rocco.

The wellness coaches will be on hand to, among other tasks, set reminders to exercise, meditate and eat well; check in on the progress/goals on a regular basis and adjust the roadmap accordingly; advise on meal plans; help curate wellness spaces within each room; schedule classes within Amrit’s wellness programming; plan and order nutritious meals to be delivered to the guest’s room; curate in-room breathing exercises; and provide ritual bath services with recommended essential oils.

The spa will be the centerpiece of the wellness offerings. There will be 22 treatment rooms and two couples suites offering such therapies as Thai and Ashiatsu massage; hammam; and traditional Chinese medicine services.

“The spa will also offer authentic Ayurvedic consultation and services; infusion therapy; and a complete circuit of hydrothermal experiences that support optimum circulation from steam, sauna, hydro-reflexology path, hot/cold plunge pools and warm jetted basking pools in our Aayush hydrothermal area,” noted Rocco.

Class content and schedule will be varied with mindfulness classes that incorporate breathwork, meditation and yoga, to posture and stretching classes, to movement classes. “From indoors to outdoors, from private classes to group sessions, to lectures to healthy cooking classes, to sharing and bringing out the good in one another with evening Satsang groups, Amrit has the resources to assist people to achieve their personal peace and happiness and, ultimately, wellness for life,” he added.

The Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences’ culinary program will feature more of a plant-forward approach, noted Rocco. “It shows our guests how to enrich their health naturally while also offering additional sources of protein as needed,” he said. “The wellness and spa’s restaurant will host this concept along with a demonstration kitchen, allowing our guests to practice a variety of meal preparations. The rest of the resort’s F&B offerings will have a strong emphasis on health and wellness, but have more traditional fare as well.”

There will be a fee associated with the personal wellness team program. “Our programming consists of specialized and personalized wellness requiring a more technical approach as compared to visiting your standard spa and wellness studio. Each program will be priced accordingly and offer an all-inclusive experience,” said Rocco. HB

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