Keep calm: Scentered launches amenity line

LONDON—When staying at a hotel, a guest’s nighttime routine is often unchanged, habitually following the motions the guest goes through at home. Scentered, however, wants to change this and remind guests to take a moment for themselves while traveling. 

Through its newly launched amenity line licensed by Global Amenities Direct (GAD), Scentered’s products can be found in luxury properties like Conrad’s New York City properties, The Bernic Hotel New York City, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Florida, and Bankside Hotel London, among others.

The natural, eco-friendly hair and body products deliver aromatherapy benefits to guests, helping them to relax and sleep well.

“We didn’t just focus on luxury properties, but have a high level of focus on those that are concerned about sustainability, their guest messaging and longer-term loyalty,” said Lara Morgan, founder, Scentered. “As hoteliers look to different ways of managing their guest amenities budgets, reducing costs through wiser, better-for-the-planet dispenser systems, we see them understanding that it is the content more than ever that matters to the guests.”

Scentered is taking note of how not only hotels are upping the game in terms of sustainability, but how guests are as well. 

“With the hospitality industry accepting more and more responsibility for the single-use plastic waste in the world, this is a huge space for us to move into,” Morgan said. “Our concept and products are remarkable; we consider the fabric, fashioning, the packaging, we limit the waste—we challenge everything in the ways that product evolution can enable change.”

All of the products come in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles, meaning they are not only able to be recycled but have already once been recycled. All products come in 300 ml dispensers with 5 L dispenser refills.

“The bathroom amenities are available in 300 ml only, to reduce waste and to give the guest a home-away-from-home experience. Time and time again, hotels say that they wish to trust their consumers; those that travel premium are high-net-worth individuals who like to know that the product quality and selection considered their needs,” Morgan said.

As guests become more and more aware of environmental damage, these types of products become not a luxury, but a necessity. Morgan explained that many plastics, including single-use plastics, are disposed of irresponsibly, such as with product still in them, but now, guests are expecting change.

“Is it not better to invest in more appreciated gifting in rooms while consumers become blind to pointless shower caps?” Morgan questioned. 

She also said that hotel guests can buy these products for their own homes, while hotels benefit from a revenue share.

“The new younger consumer is demanding change; indeed, the demand for change is becoming infectious,” Morgan said. “These conversations and this attitude are growing daily. Refill, reuse, repurpose and resist has to be the way of the future.”

Relaxation and work/life balance are also of rising importance to guests, which this amenity line aims to honor.

All retail items are available to hotels, including “De-Stress” shampoo and conditioner, body and hand wash and body and hand lotion, all made with natural ingredients to enhance mindfulness and inner peace.

The new hair and body products contain essential oils found in the Scentered range of balms, and each Scentered blend contains up to 25 100% natural essential oils like chamomile, neroli, and mandarin for calmness and soothing.

“We are all ‘on the go’ whether business or pleasure: There is always a phone to be answered, an email to be sent, children to keep happy and, at some point, everybody needs to just stop. Scentered reminds you to do that, whether it is to apply a Focus balm to take a moment to collect your thoughts before a meeting, Sleep Well balm to help slow your thoughts down before bedtime, or Escape before a morning yoga session,” Morgan said.

According to Morgan, the Sleep Well mini balms are popular for turndown services among housekeeping staff, an alternative to chocolate and less-portable lavender pillow sprays, offering a no-mess perk that won’t leak.

“Retention is something hospitality is working much harder to maintain, and giving hotel staff small offerings to give personalized messages of help costs very little in problem-solving,” Morgan said.

Morgan added that some properties offer the full-size product for the guest to purchase, all to give travelers an added boost through scent and sustainability, in hopes that they will want to stay again. 

“Yes, it costs a little more in some cases, but not at all when you consider the valuable impact created by making the right choices,” she said. “Hotel guests now check hotels’ sustainability credentials. They want to see and know that the hotel they have chosen to stay in really does care about doing its part for our planet; they will join in the change if you encourage it and embrace good decisions that have powerful payback in the long term.” HB

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