BLLA’s Stay Boutique Live brings together the boutique community

LOS ANGELES—The Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) brought together the boutique community at Stay Boutique Live 2019 to discuss how boutique executives can prosper in a growing industry.

“The global boutique community is a booming industry and in a serious state of growth,” said Frances Kiradjian, founder of BLLA. “While small brands continue to be eaten up by the bigger brands, independent hotels stake their ground by declaring they want to stay sort of antiestablishment.”

The event featured the Boutique Bootcamp, sponsored and held at The Line Hotel LA, the Leadership Conference, 2019 Awards Celebration Dinner and the Female Empowerment Conference. “We included a huge trade show space; for the first time, we helped our exhibitors actually curate their spaces, so they looked appealing to our boutique audience,” she said. “The content shared on stage grew tremendously to include more boutique businesses who connect hand-in-hand with the hospitality sector. Sharing the same customer type is what binds them together, and they love that.”

The two-and-a-half-day conference, powered by BLLA & Stay Boutique, covered all things boutique. HB

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