A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

Trump. It’s one of the most talked-about names right now. Obviously, for reasons we all know. And, this close to the upcoming historic Presidential election, it’s typically the father, Donald, who’s making news every day. But, as we’ve all seen, his children—Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric—are often in the spotlight as well. And it’s not always about, or because of, their dad. As our cover story reports, they’re continuing to make names for themselves, in no small part due to their leadership at The Trump Organization. Between the very recent and much-anticipated opening of the transformed Old Post Office to Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.—very much a labor of love for the children—to Trump Hotels’ newest brand, Scion, the three Trump “kids,” all EVPs of development & acquisition, are each making their own individual—and collective—mark on the hospitality industry.

Hotel Business was granted exclusive interviews with the Trump family prior to the announcement at The Lodging Conference of the new brand—and not just the three siblings, but the extended work family, which includes industry veteran Eric Danziger, CEO, and Kathleen Flores, EVP/new brands and innovation. And, even with everything going on during this busier-than-usual time for the family—I mean, it’s October, and let’s just say they do have a few things going on right now—they pulled together for us to do a cover photo shoot.

So, isn’t it fitting that the new brand is named Scion—defined as descendant? It’s a reference not only to the new brand being the next evolution of Trump Hotels, but also a nod to the roles the children are playing in taking this move into the upper-upscale, lifestyle segment forward. With the well-honed experience of Danziger and progressive vision of Flores, of course. Scion really is next-gen for the luxury hotel player in more ways than one, as the nascent brand might be a product of Trump, but with a persona all its own. Taking its cues from its millennial-minded guardians, Scion will look to create a sense of place, appealing to travelers who are looking for connection and community through location, design, loyalty and technology.

So, with the first Scion-branded property slated to open in early 2017, it looks like 2016 will not be the only busy time for the family.

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