Italian bedding manufacturer Magniflex enters U.S. market

Italian bedding manufacturer Magniflex is entering the U.S. market with its newly curated, four-model luxury Regale Hospitality Collection.

“In today’s hospitality setting, boutique hotels, in particular, place an emphasis on setting their properties apart by providing guests with luxurious, high-quality experiences and superlative comfort,” said Billy Curtright, lead U.S. executive, Magniflex. “While our parent company in Italy has had a long history in hospitality in Europe, we saw the new market conditions in North America ripe for our launch. This new reality is allowing us to expand our reach as a brand in the U.S., establish valued partnerships, enhance our brand’s visibility and expose our quality sleep products to an even larger audience.”

Billy Curtright Magniflex

The Magniflex hospitality line is designed to give hotels freedom to choose mattresses that best align with their unique brands.

The collection consists of the Regale Superiore Deluxe, a mattress that encompasses the company’s signature Italian luxury with various levels of supportive foam and a viscose cover; Regale Magnicool, a mattress that promotes air circulation to create an ideal microclimate; Regale Naturale, which is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton covers; and Regale Virtuoso, a mattress with cashmere and wool on one side and silk and linen on the other, providing comfort options based on seasonal temperatures.

“The hospitality industry presents a natural avenue for us to expand our operational focus in the U.S.,” Curtright said. “Collaboration with hotels and the hospitality business introduces us to a new level of clientele that are seeking luxury, quality, durability and customization on a larger scale. In addition to opening new doors and possibilities, it means an increased revenue stream for Magniflex and enhanced brand exposure to the consumer.”

To date, Magniflex has debuted the Regale Collection at the Casa Cipriani Hotel in New York, an Italian-style hotel and private club. The collection can also be found in many luxury hotel properties throughout Europe, including the Hotel Savoy in Florence, Casa Cipriani in Milan, Thassos Grand Resort in Greece, the Mampei Hotel in Japan and the Grand Hotel Praha in Prague, with more to come.

“Our mattresses distinguish themselves in the hospitality sector by offering the epitome of luxury and the highest quality sleep and relaxation that are sought after by guests,” Curtright said. “We use only the highest quality materials, and we offer an array of mattress products that fit in easily and efficiently with an upscale hotel brand’s preference for quality and comfort.”

Magniflex mattresses are shipped vacuum-packed to facilitate easy transportation to hotel rooms without the need for heavy machinery, mitigating the risk of damage to furnishings. Magniflex also has the capability to tailor mattresses to suit various dimensions, shapes and heights to meet accommodation requirements.

“Bedding directly affects the comfort, satisfaction and overall experience for the guest,” he said. “Quality bedding products have significant impact on a hotelier’s brand image, influences guest reviews and loyalty and plays a pivotal role in the guest experience, ultimately leading to customer retention and brand success for the hotel.”

According to Curtright, Magniflex plans to further innovate its products in consultation with its hospitality partners and consumers, and the company also looks forward to new partnerships in the future.

“We want to deeply understand the specific needs of hoteliers and their guests,” he said. “We are prepared to tailor our products in order to offer versatility across the hospitality spectrum, including product adjustments that can accommodate various room configurations and guest preferences.”

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