Stacy Garcia brings the luxury of hotels into homes

NANUET, NY—Inspired by luxury living and the resort experience, Stay by Stacy Garcia is the new collection bringing hotel design into homes—or what Stacy Garcia refers to as creating a “staycation.”

“I established this brand because I believe we’re overstimulated and we deserve a reprieve from our busy lives,” said Stacy Garcia, founder/principal of Stacy Garcia Inc. “I want you to be able to bring the indulgent feeling you find on vacation home, so you can enjoy it every day. That’s really the concept behind Stay by Stacy Garcia. With a cozy, clean and hotel-inspired aesthetic, Stay by Stacy Garcia is your first resort for a comfortable lifestyle.”

The line includes bedding and bath products, along with decorative pillows and blinds; it launched last month on QVC and is Garcia’s first leap into the world of retail, as well as QVC’s first hotel-inspired collection. For those who missed last month’s launch, Garcia will debut more products on QVC in January 2019.

“I partnered with QVC because of what it stands for: Quality, Value, Convenience. I believe this collection really lives up to that promise,” she said. “My hope is that people will love having access to simple, luxurious, yet affordable hotel-inspired products. I want them to take home more than just a memory of a fabulous hotel, but to really treat themselves with elegant, soft bedding and bath linens on a daily basis.”

Known for using bold colors and signature patterns in other brands, Stay by Stacy Garcia is a departure from that. For Garcia, the new collection is about bringing the revitalized, relaxed feeling guests experience at resorts into the home. Especially with wellness being an industry buzzword, Garcia has focused the collection on caring for oneself not only physically, but mentally.

Luxurious and affordable were key criteria for Garcia with the collection.

“It’s so great to be able to take this feeling home because this is where we spend most of our time. It’s so important to set personal time aside for yourself to take care of your health and well-being. One way to do this is by surrounding yourself with quality products and comfortable spaces that will enhance your life,” Garcia said.

“My hope has always been to share the beauty of our designs and inspire people to create spaces that make them feel great,” she added.

The spa-inspired Stay by Stacy Garcia collection focuses on simple luxuries like crisp, cotton sheets, fluffy towels and rugs in calming colors.

“Who doesn’t love the experience of a luxury hotel? Guestrooms are designed with luxurious linens, plush materials and high-end finishes to create the indulgent feeling of escape we look for when on vacation,” Garcia said. “This is something we all strongly desire because it allows us to break away from our hectic lives and become immersed in an environment where we can relax, recharge and be pampered.”

According to Garcia, there has already been a major crossover between hospitality and residential design—something that didn’t always exist—making this new collection a natural progression for a new brand.

“In the almost 25 years I’ve been designing products for hotels and homes, I have seen a big shift in the distinction between hospitality and residential design. There used to be very clear boundaries dictating acceptable color palettes, patterns and forms between one industry and another—not so, today. I call it ‘cross-pollination,’” she said.

It’s not just residential design that’s taking cues from hospitality either; much of the residential features we’re used to are making their way into the hotel space. Garcia said that hotels are taking inspiration from elegant, neutral tones and residential-style bedding, while hotel lobbies are becoming more and more like welcoming living rooms for guests.

On the residential side, bathrooms are reflecting hotel spas with high-end finishes, such as marble and brass detailing paired with high-quality towels. Residential bedrooms are also being designed with high headboards, plush bedding and seating areas with open floor plans that pay homage to hotel public spaces.

“Even outdoor living areas rival the most gorgeous hotels. If you want early evidence, just walk the floors of hotel trade shows and you will see a plethora of residential brands that started to sell into hotel chains,” Garcia said.

A particular trend that’s taking off in both of these spaces is curved furniture and pattern design, she said.

“Smooth lines, plump upholstery and circular forms, embodying an elegant, well-rounded aesthetic: I love this trend because it creates a sense of extravagant comfort by replacing structure with natural, organic flowing lines,” Garcia said.

Garcia hopes the industry will start to use bolder colors, which she said can truly differentiate properties to create a branded environment, positively impacting the guest experience.

“My hotel products are known for using bold color combinations, so this is something I really hope to see taking precedence again in the industry. Color plays such a huge role—it’s the first thing a guest sees,” Garcia said.

Even with the crossover between residential and hospitality design, high-quality products don’t need to come with a lofty price tag, another inspiration for Garcia’s collection.

“Launching this brand now is ideal because there’s a need for it. When money is no object, it’s easy to access high-end products, but that’s not the reality for most shoppers,” she said. “What better place is there to have a positive impact on people than in their bedroom? We spend one-third of our life sleeping—hopefully—so I developed bedding, bath and home decor products that embody a cozy, clean and relaxed aesthetic and provide a luxury experience that is boh affordable and attainable.”

Garcia hasn’t lost any love for hospitality design, however, noting how designing environments for people in a space away from home allows for inspiration to carry over.

“I love how hospitality design is always so unique in creating an experience for the guests. Not only are commercial interior designers conceptualizing beautiful environments, but they are building a story for guests to bring back home with them and memories they will never forget,” Garcia said. “Who knows, perhaps there will be a Stay brand hotel one day.” HB

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