Under the Canopy ensures sustainable sleep

NEW YORK—Recycling, farm-to-table, plastic-free. These are just some of the many hot topics bouncing around the industry today, but for Under the Canopy bedding, these aren’t just fads—they’re a lifestyle.

“We’re proud to be an original. Back before ‘organic’ and ‘zero-waste’ were trendy buzzwords, Under the Canopy got its start in sustainable production and helped define the standards for the industry,” said Danielle Dorn, creative director for Under the Canopy.

Under the Canopy’s bedding is made from 100% organic cotton, which allows for a more breathable and comfortable sleep, and becomes softer with each wash. And while the products are high quality, they aren’t out of reach.

“We’re also the most affordable organic and sustainable home brand. Most people equate organic products with being expensive and sometimes can’t afford to integrate it into their lives. We’re committed to producing products that fit our standards for the environment, are beautiful, will last with each use and be something accessible to everyone,” she said.

Under the Canopy offers a full selection of amenities, organic robes, bedding and bath collections, with robes and towels in several hotels and spas and bedding in hotels and bed and breakfasts. Travel-sized amenities like shampoo, conditioner and soaps are offered in Wyndham hotels.

“Organic” and “sustainable” are powerful and packed terms, but also somewhat vague and undefined. Under the Canopy does, however, have certifications to support these labels including GOTS, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, Recycled 100 Claim Standard (RCS) and forest preservation with FSC, making certain all products adhere to sustainable standards.

“Organic cotton farming promotes healthier soils than conventional cotton farming. It prohibits the use of GMOs, pesticides and toxic chemicals, preventing harmful runoff, keeping the waterways and drinking water for the surrounding towns clean. Additionally, we only use low-impact dyes, which require less rinsing and energy in the production process,” Dorn said.

According to Dorn, GOTS and OEKO-TEX verify that the material in production wasn’t exposed to any chemicals or toxins that are more commonly used in textile production. Fair Trade focuses on the larger impact of the manufacturing process, ensuring the workers are paid fairly, all labor laws are adhered to and the surrounding environment benefits.

“Any hotel wants to create the best experience for their guests—from the food to the accommodations—and by providing sustainable bedding, they’re showing that their concern is for more than just this visit. So not only will your hotel be helping the environment with the addition of Under the Canopy products, but you’re providing them with a more sustainable sleep,” Dorn said.

While anyone can purchase Under the Canopy products, being in the hospitality space helps the company because of the industry’s reach.

“We would love to expand within the hospitality industry. We’re currently looking into a formal trade program,” she said. “We believe that Under the Canopy is a great fit for many hospitality locations since it helps both groups expand the beneficial impact of the brand to more people.”

Spreading the word about sustainability works by engaging both hotel staff and guests about the organic products and their benefits.

“We work with each hotel individually to make sure we support them the best way possible. From branding cards in rooms our products are featured in, to making sure the employees are aware of how to care for organic cotton linens, and maintaining accurate information on our website for people to revisit to learn, we make sure to work with each hotel’s unique needs,” Dorn said.

Under the Canopy also provides its partner hotels and spas with a guide to the brand that shows the full collection, the brand’s history and information on the sustainable regulations it follows to better inform the clientele.

Although not everyone is a sustainability aficionado, this information helps the staff and guests educate themselves and is part of a topic that’s becoming more and more ubiquitous.

“I think people are so aware of the environmental shift that’s happening before our eyes. People recognize that it’s our purchasing power and overall mindfulness that can help make a difference,” she said. “With more research surfacing and more press coverage, it’s bringing acute awareness to sustainability that wasn’t as present before. With regard to hospitality, travel blends cultures. Some cultures are more stringent in sustainability than others, and it brings an overall global awareness.”

According to Dorn, Under the Canopy is working on expanding its collection, with the goal of providing consumers with a full lifestyle collection of organic and sustainable products.

“Keep your eyes open for new sheets, utility bedding, new robe styles and an expanded baby collection, just to name a few,” Dorn said. HB

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