Welcome to Shop Talk

Christina Trauthwein

While Hotel Business tends to focus on more of the transactional aspects of the business, such as hotel development, mergers and acquisitions, we want to, via our semi-annual Shop Talk supplement, pay some attention to the staples of our business: the products. Finding the right ones for your property will not only improve guest satisfaction, but will help the owner meet the bottom line—and stay ahead of the competition.

On special assignment, contributing editor Danielle Dattolo Smith interviewed a cross-section of the industry—from owners to management companies, purchasing firms to designers, and even some hotel brands—and asked them about product specification and installation. What do your guests want? What have they come to expect? Are you aware of the trends and have you implemented products that speak to them?

While we acknowledge that the products that make up a hotel are not exclusive to those categories listed right, we focused on primary topics to give readers a better idea of what’s driving selection and what’s hot. We’ve also included some tips on choosing the right product for your properties now and in the future.

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