A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

So, as a reader of Hotel Business and a member of this industry, you surely know about all the happenings in the world of hotels: who was promoted; what property opened or what soft brand launched; where the hot markets are; when the next conference is; and how the latest technology can propel your business. But do you know who wanted to be a fighter pilot growing up? Or which hotel executive prefers coffee in his room rather than the lobby? Do all the C-suiters who support social media for their companies use it in their personal lives?

You probably—unless you know them really well—don’t know the answers to the aforementioned questions. But we do. And you will. You see, Hotel Business has launched a new video series called “Off The Cuff,” which is, exactly as it states, an informal, impromptu way to get to know our industry leaders in a different way. We all know the great business minds of the industry executives we cover daily, but with this video series, we’ve decided to highlight a lighter side. After all, hospitality is an industry of people—so let’s get to know our people a little better in a spontaneous—and fun—way.

We launched our series with Marriott International’s Tony Capuano, and we have a whole roster of industry “stars” on the list. Look for a new video every two weeks—you can check them out on hotelbusiness.com. And don’t forget to share the clips with your peers via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the hashtag #OffThe Cuff.

Featured guests include David Kong, Best Western Hotels & Resorts; Geoff Ballotti, Wyndham Hotel Group; Pat Pacious, Choice Hotels; Ayelet Weinstein, B Hotels; Jay Stein, Dream Hotel Group; and Mary Beth Cutshall, HVMG; among others.

I hope you enjoy watching “Off The Cuff” as much as we enjoyed filming and producing it. For me, a highlight was the usually all-business CEO who, when asked about his favorite app, replied with a chuckle, “Pokémon Go.” Great stuff.

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