Designer adds mattress-maker to his resume

LOS ANGELES—Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a busy man. Based here, he has collaborated on furniture, wallpaper, fabric, fragrance and candle collections; appeared on television programs in the U.S. and the U.K.; and worked on a number of hotel projects, including the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, CA, the Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa in Laguna Beach, CA, and Chateau Gutsch in Lucerne, Switzerland. Yet, he still found time to create a mattress line with Custom Comfort Mattress, also based here.

The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Beds collection consists of three mattress models: The Palisades, The Hollywood and The Bel Air. The Palisades is a premium mattress with inner-tufted firm springs and a soft double-sided quilted smooth top; The Hollywood is an inner hand-tufted mattress with a plush quilted double-sided top; and The Bel Air is zone-tufted with a talalay comfort layer and double-sided pillow top.

Gary Trudell, owner of Custom Comfort Mattress, said that the collection is available as an exclusive at the brand’s West Hollywood flagship showroom and will soon be available at select Custom Comfort Mattress showrooms. He also noted that hospitality projects are lined up, although he declined to name them.

“Martyn is not only an internationally renowned designer, but his passion for luxury and quality is equally as impressive,” said Trudell when asked why his company chose to partner with Bullard, who has used Custom Comfort Mattress products in some of his hospitality projects. “His aesthetic and attention to quality runs parallel with the way Custom Comfort has been doing business for the last 25 years. Using natural materials and traditional craftsmanship infused with modern innovation, the collaboration was the perfect way to elevate the brand’s image and offerings.”

Bullard, who is currently overseeing the renovations and design of hotels in Miami and Santa Barbara, Hollywood and Palm Springs, CA, said of Custom Comfort: “It offers a unique concierge-style service that my clientele can truly appreciate. Paired with superior quality and impeccable attention to detail, this collaboration made perfect sense and was a project of great passion for me.”

His inspiration was something every guest wants at the end of a long day. “I really believe that modern luxury is comfort, and given we spend one-third of our lives in bed, comfort was key here,” Bullard said. “For me, comfort, quality and design go hand-in-hand, so I wanted my mattresses not only to look beautiful, but to also have longevity.”

All beds in the collection are handcrafted in Southern California using natural materials, such as 100% organic cotton sateen fabric and chemical-free cotton. Each model will include premium firm coil; insulator padding; natural cotton batting; and steel-grid edge supports. The collection is available in standard sizes as well as standard oversized models measuring 7 x 7 ft. and 8 x 8 ft. Custom versions are also available.

“The look of the mattresses was as important as the quality and the comfort,” said Bullard. “Classic ticking stripes have been used in the manufacturing of mattresses for 200 years now, so I updated the look with classic black and white stripes woven in a natural cotton and then mixed with a beautiful plain cotton top and buttoned with soft spun toggle buttons. All of these materials are both soft to the touch, yet breathe with the body and allow for the most natural unencumbered sleep.”

Bullard also described the mattresses as “sleep-promoting” because “you don’t want to get out of them” adding, “Each mattress is so luxurious and that, paired with how comfortable they are, makes it hard to leave them. Once you take into consideration the natural and eco-friendly elements of the mattresses, you see why they contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle.”

On his company’s part in the process, Trudell said, “Martyn wanted a plush, very-high-luxury feel, as well as a beautiful mattress. We were able to bring his vision and incredible eye for design in combination with our traditional, handcrafted workmanship.”

Both Trudell and Bullard had their own, somewhat similar, thoughts of what the target market is for the collection. “These mattresses belong in hotels that inspire sleep and reenergizing of the body and mind, and connote a spa-like experience,” said Bullard, while Trudell noted, “Martyn Lawrence Bullard customers are high-luxury world travelers who appreciate not only the quality of a product, but the story behind it. They appreciate the detail, the dedication and the authenticity of what they’re experiencing. They’re drawn to environments and products that push the limits of the customer experience and offer a level of uniqueness and sophistication.” HB

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