A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

Hot off the press. Deciding on a name for our new video series quickly lent itself to a brief history lesson. As someone who has always been interested in learning the origins of words and phrases, I decided to look this one up, too.

While I suspected the “hot” part of the phrase referred to the interest level of the news—a real headliner, so to speak—I was surprised to discover it actually pertains to the more obvious, direct definition, i.e. relating to temperature. This term originated with newspaper printing when daily editions used to be printed by a process called hot metal printing, which involved molten lead being introduced into a mold to form the printing block. By extension, the newly printed material was warm.

So though the term only makes literal sense for printed items that use the now outdated process, nowadays, it is frequently and figuratively used to refer to anything that is interesting, current—and, often, in our business of publishing, has some sizzle. And what better way to emphasize that “sizzle,” than to sell it.

Which brings me full circle: Coinciding with and correlating to each issue of Hotel Business will be a “Hot Off the Press” video, previewing for our readers what they can expect to find in that edition. Of course, there will always be the articles we encourage you to discover yourself while perusing your copy, but in two minutes or less, we’ll—I’ll—give you the highlights to pique your curiosity, inform you of special features, and engage your interest in all that Hotel Business has to offer. 

Check it out at hotelbusiness.com/hot. And, as always, thanks for reading…

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