A few words from Christina Trauthwein

Christina Trauthwein

The management company issue. We’ve been putting together a report and ranking every year since 1993—and our April 7th issue continues to be one of the most popular, anticipated and well-read issues in the industry.

And no wonder. With powerhouse companies like White Lodging Services—our cover story—and Interstate Hotels & Resorts—an exclusive news cover story (see page 3)—heading the editorial lineup, the growth, potential and momentum of this all-important segment of the lodging industry is evident. And everybody loves a good story with a positive point.

In addition to these two companies, we feature Olympia Hotel Management; Marshall Hotels & Resorts; Evolution Hospitality; McNeill Hotel Group; Greenwood Hospitality; HP Hotels; and Prism Hotels & Resorts.  And while Hotel Business chose these management firms to profile, there are a record number of companies included in our annual ranking (right after page 38). It’s been growing each year, which is why, a couple of years ago, we outgrew the “Top 100” title that ran in Hotel Business for many years (see “A Look Back,” on page 9). Roughly 150 surveys were submitted this year—our all-time high, so far—but we’re open to accepting more. If you’re a hotel management company in the U.S., we invite you to fill out a form and be included. It’s as easy as going to hotelbusiness.com and clicking on the “surveys” tab. We update the chart for the December Green Book for those of you who did not complete a form for this issue. Just remember two things: 1) You must submit to be included and 2) You must include your gross annual revenue (year-end 2016) to be ranked.


To the Editor:
I just read the opinion piece in Hotel Business [March 7, page 60]. My husband and I own/operate a historic hotel in Washington, the Shelburne Inn, Restaurant & Pub. This year marks our 40th anniversary of owning the inn. Mr. Lund’s message was exactly what I needed to receive today. I have always said there is a certain weight that comes with ownership. He described perfectly how important it is for us to not succumb to playing the victim when we face the inevitable challenges of business and life, and how the concept of ownership must extend to the team and the role each person plays.

Thank you for publishing this inspiring message!

—Laurie Anderson
Seaview, WA

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