Luxury brands unite: Montage teams with Cadillac

ORANGE COUNTY, CA—Commitment to customers with a sense of style—that’s the force that surged Montage Hotels & Resorts and Pendry Hotels’ partnership with Cadillac and parent company General Motors, offering personalized trips for guests seeking added adventure.

Through the partnership, two distinct services are offered: the complimentary chauffeur program and the Ride & Drive program. The chauffeur experience lets guests relax in comfort and style while being transported by hotel associates, while the Ride & Drive program puts guests behind the wheel, giving them the freedom to cruise and explore on their own time.

“We saw the opportunity to match two strong brands in the luxury space and, at the same time, offer our guests something unique and unexpected during their stay at a Montage or Pendry hotel or resort,” said Jason Herthel, president and COO of Montage International. “When first speaking with Cadillac, we felt a strong commonality in terms of both their commitment to design as well as their focus on customer service.”

All Montage Hotels & Resorts and Pendry properties within the United States are participating in the chauffeur program, with select hotels in the Ride & Drive program, including Montage Beverly Hills, Montage Laguna Beach, and Pendry San Diego in California; Montage Deer Valley in Park City, UT; Montage Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC; and Sagamore Pendry Baltimore.

“Our properties are located in some of the most interesting destinations in the U.S. From the Carolina Coast to the shores of Laguna Beach, the communities surrounding our properties are one of the true reasons we’ve been so successful,” Herthel said. “Montage has always embraced our local communities, and we encourage our guests to explore and immerse themselves in these wonderful areas.”

The process is simple: All guests have to do is request a “Cadillac Experience” with the concierge and they’re given a car—current year models ranging from crossovers to SUVs—for up to three hours on a complimentary basis.

For the chauffeured service, the concierge team, along with members of the recreation and guest services team, creates itineraries; this way, travelers don’t miss a thing.

“Our partnership with Cadillac provides guests with access to an amazing fleet of vehicles to explore the destination they are visiting. Our team has curated two- and four-hour itineraries, and our concierge team can also customize a ride and drive itinerary,” Herthel said. “We personalize each of them while working with the guests. For example, if we know a guest is interested in local art, we will highlight galleries and local artists along the route.”

For guests who are on a trip and unfamiliar with the local area, the itineraries also include local attractions so guests experience the very best, with some off the beaten path.

“These trips were curated by our associates who know the area and appreciate the local food and cultural offerings. Some of the places listed in these drives are true ‘hidden gems’ that have yet to be discovered by the masses,” Herthel said.

These experiences were designed for all types of trips in mind, from more leisure and sightseeing-focused, to the more active. The Cadillac experience is truly what the guest makes of it, and according to Herthel, a lot—including the type of vehicle—is dependent on how many people are in the party, what they hope to get out of the trip, and what kind of travelers they are.

“If you’re carrying bikes and gear and going for a hike around Deer Valley, then an Escalade or XT5 is a great choice. If you’re heading for a cruise down Highway 1 to enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean, then a CT6 is a great choice,” Herthel said.

While all of these travelers are looking for getaways in one way or another, many don’t have the time or leeway when on the road for business. Montage kept this in mind, keeping these programs flexible.

“This was one of the key aspects we focused on when putting these drives together: offering a selection of drives for those on a tighter schedule as well as those with no time constraints at all,” Herthel said.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, or leisure or adventure, both Montage and Cadillac can curate an experience that is sure to suit, all from behind the wheel of a classic automobile.

“Cadillac is one of the great American brand success stories, and we’re proud to partner with them,” Herthel said. “People want more from their trips… They want to truly experience the destination, and doing this in a modern luxury sedan or SUV is truly something special.” HB

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