OnPoint guides hotels in transitioning to LEDs

DALLAS—Transitioning to LED technology is a complex process for many hoteliers. OnPoint, LLC, a consulting firm focused on energy-efficient LED lighting, strives to support hotel entities with their evolution to energy-efficient LED lighting.

“There are so many benefits to LED lighting and controls,” said Amber Baldwin D’Amico, cofounder and co-principal of OnPoint. “Not only is the quality of the lighting so much better, it’s engineered for every application— from the guestroom to the laundry area to the parking garage. Incandescent lighting technology has not changed. LED is more sophisticated, and is truly the way of the future.”

The Dallas-based LED lighting and sustainability consultancy provides corporate and government clients with turnkey LED lighting solutions, including best-in-class products, surveys, return on investment (ROI) analysis, installation and disposal, financing, and utility incentive coordination. OnPoint is now expanding into the hospitality industry.

Launched in 2011, OnPoint has developed and executed LED lighting strategies and projects domestically and internationally. “Our goal is to be a strategic partner and an extension of our clients’ sustainability and facilities teams,” said Hector Grado, co-principal of OnPoint.

OnPoint offers hospitality owners and operators an understanding of their sustainability goals and objectives, an assessment of their LED lighting needs and a strategy for transitioning to LED lighting based on ROI and other factors. “Every facility and application is unique and can seem overwhelming,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “We know that facility and sustainability managers are extremely busy. OnPoint helps them put a strategy together and ensures it’s properly executed. We focus on execution and making sure the client is satisfied.”

As cofounders of OnPoint, Baldwin D’Amico and Grado have more than 50 years of combined experience in executive roles in industries such as telecommunications, energy and healthcare. OnPoint is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

In terms of assessing LED lighting needs and strategizing a transition, OnPoint offers its services as an extension of a company’s sustainability team to help meet the organization’s goal. “We provide a turnkey solution that includes an analysis of the existing footprint,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “We conduct surveys and mockups of major applications. We also work to coordinate the installation and disposal of old technology and assist with utility rebates and tax incentives.”

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL, took steps to become more energy efficient by installing LED lighting, resulting in an anticipated annual savings of $131,659 in its first year.

One of most important and crucial aspects that OnPoint provides is an ROI analysis. “The client will know how much they are going to save in terms of operations and maintenance, and reducing their wattage,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “This is the best way to go about the decision-making process.”

One of the most common misconceptions in the hotel industry is the upfront cost of LED lighting. While the products cost more than traditional lighting products, LED sources offer a long-term saving solution, according to Baldwin D’Amico. And with recent upgrades to LED quality and color rendering, the lighting provides additional security benefits in public spaces.

“The image you see on a security camera is much more enhanced,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “This is the time for the hotel industry to invest in new LED lighting technology. We’re seeing great ROI with LED technology and an attractive payback. It’s a great time to move forward. The quality of the product is readily available. It’s a solid initiative in terms of sustainability and infrastructure.”

For hoteliers looking to get started in transitioning to LED lighting, OnPoint clients typically see 65% energy savings within the first year of the transition. While the consultancy works with a number of LED manufacturers to provide best-in-class products to its clients, OnPoint primarily turns to Durham, NC-based LED manufacturer Cree. OnPoint also provides products made in the U.S.

Aside from switching to LED lighting for front-of-the-house operations, hotel properties also benefit from upgrading their back-of-the-house spaces, according to the consultancy. OnPoint’s team of engineers identify the top LED lighting fixtures and required lighting levels for these spaces. “We work to determine the best way to handle these installations,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “We provide complete support on installation, post installation and evaluation.”

According to OnPoint, hotel entities experience similar obstacles that companies in other sectors face when changing to LED lighting such as considering the geographic footprint and utility rates of various properties within a portfolio. Some of the challenges include understanding the different applications and utility rates, managing the installation and disposal of products, and determining if there are tax advantages or utility rebates.   

“There are many factors to consider,” said Baldwin D’Amico. “And getting a good handle on the geographic footprint is a key challenge. Similar to our government and corporate clients, every entity is unique. We focus on working with that company at the strategic level, and we will develop a solution that is specific to it.”

In recognition of dedication and commitment in supplying products and services, OnPoint recently received the Texas Instruments (TI) 2015 Supplier Excellence Award.  The consultancy is one of 14 winners selected out of 12,000 TI suppliers worldwide to receive the 2015 award. The annual award honors companies that meet TI’s high standards for excellence and contribute significantly to the company’s business success. HB

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