Ennismore partners with DripDrop to offer hydration products

Ennismore, a lifestyle hospitality company, has partnered with DripDrop for an innovative hydration product.

Developed by a Mayo Clinic-trained doctor, DripDrop caters to 75% of people who are chronically dehydrated from fluid loss due to heat, exercise, sleep and travel.

Leaders at Ennismore—a company that prides itself on the well-being of its guests—knew the partnership would be a perfect fit, elevating the hotel experience through a collaboration of like-minded brands.

Guests just need to add water to the DripDrop formula to enjoy.

“We understand how important mental and physical well-being is for many of our guests, and our fitness and wellness amenities are an integral part of the stay experience,” said Michele Caniato, chief partnerships officer, Ennismore. “The partnership with DripDrop allows us to provide guests with a new, simple way to enhance hydration and recovery, whether they are hitting the gym, taking part in a communal yoga session or some other activity.”

Guests at Hyde Midtown Miami, Mama Shelter LA, Mondrian LA, SLS South Beach, SLS Brickell, SLS Lux Brickell, SLS Cancun and SLS Baha Mar will have access to DripDrop’s products within guestroom minibars, poolside and at select dayclubs and nightclubs. Guests only need to add water to the hydration formula.

And, while electrolyte powders are gaining popularity, not all are created equal. DripDrop’s formula was designed to rehydrate 2x faster than water alone and has 3x the electrolytes and half the sugar of the leading sports drinks and five key vitamins, all with fruity flavors.

“The collaboration is part of our overall effort to meaningfully engage with the wellness space by staying at the forefront of trends and bringing innovative products into our hotels,” the Ennismore executive said. “We are all about introducing our guests to new and exciting brands that help to optimize their stay, and we are excited to work together with a recognized industry innovator such as DripDrop to continue to deliver that elevated experience.”

Guests can also enjoy seasonal DripDrop activations like culinary experiences and giveaways and will be able to order and ship DripDrop products to their own homes.

“Wellness is an extremely important pillar of the lifestyle and hospitality world,” she said. “The guests who stay in our hotels are looking not only for a great room stay but for the best culinary, mixology and entertainment experiences. At the same time, they are very conscious of their well-being, and this product provides a turnkey solution to their needs.”

Caniato said that Ennismore is always looking for new and innovative products to surprise guests and enhance experiences at its properties. She added that as the company opens more hotels in the U.S., it plans to continue to grow the DripDrop partnership.

“We’re focused on elevating the guest experience with brands and products that enhance guest well-being, focused on curating serene and revitalizing stays,” she said. “This collaboration is a part of the wider wellness journey and experience at our properties.”

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