Fairmas plots expansion with North American office

Since its inception in 2003, Fairmas GmbH has been providing financial planning, controlling and management reporting solutions to hoteliers globally. Two years ago, the company opened an office in Canada in an effort to grow its client base in North America, as well as offer customers in the region localized support and resources.

“With globalization as one of the main focuses of Fairmas, the North American office plays a pivotal role in the overall growth of the company and customer base,” said John Dunn, principal, Fairmas, based out of the Canada office. “Direct access to customers in the region was essential, so the decision to expand Fairmas into North America was made. The opening of Fairmas North America was a strategic decision highlighting the new opportunities, economic developments and the growth of hospitality in the region.”

Fairmas, which also has offices in Germany and Spain, offers “a comprehensive suite of products designed to address the diverse financial needs of hoteliers,” according to Dunn, who said of the three platforms:

FairPlanner “is a 360-degree financial planning and analysis software that empowers efficient revenue, cost and profit planning across all aspects of the business.”

Revenue Planning & Analytics “is a flexible tool for all profit centers, facilitating seamless planning and rapid response to market dynamics with integrated interfaces from various property management systems (PMS), revenue management systems (RMS) and benchmarking platforms.”

Data Management for Hotel Assets “streamlines data management processes for asset managers, allowing for standardized and automated reporting to enhance portfolio performance analysis and decision-making.”

There are myriad business intelligence tools for hoteliers to choose from. When asked how Fairmas’ solutions stand out, Dunn offered several reasons.

“First, Fairmas offers modern, web-based, modular software where the customer can decide what fits best with their needs, as we tailor our software to our clients,” he said. “Second, with a proven track record of 20-plus years in the market and international experience with customers in 115 countries, Fairmas leverages German engineering from our headquarters in Berlin. We do not outsource our support or software development, making sure everything is done in-house. Additionally, our software is already in its fourth generation, as we are always reinventing based on customer feedback.”

He added that Fairmas solutions seamlessly integrate with more than 100 systems, “including leading PMS such as Opera, rate shopping tools like Lighthouse, revenue management systems such as IDeaS, benchmarking platforms like STR and ERP systems such as Sage and M3.”

One of the company’s first clients was IHG Hotels & Resorts. The relationship dates back to 2005, and last year the brand company rolled out the latest generation of Fairmas’ web-based software globally.

“The rollout covered about 1,000 hotels in 75 countries, 400 hotels in China among them,” said Dunn. “The Fairmas solution was deployed to streamline revenue planning, cost management and payroll optimization.”

More than 18,000 users across 5,500 hotels worldwide have chosen Fairmas software, according to Dunn, who added, “More than 130 hotels in North America benefit from our solutions, with the anticipation of welcoming many more soon.”

He noted that the company is “constantly innovating” to meet the evolving needs of the hospitality industry.

“Our upcoming project, expected to be released within the coming months, focuses on enhancing cash-flow management, as well as ease of the consolidation processes in combination with better dashboarding,” Dunn said. “We are also exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to further elevate our offerings.”

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